Saturday, February 05, 2005

AxisofLogic/ United States: "Empire - the true aim of the U.S. government - is barely concealed under the lofty rhetoric of Bush's State of the Union address. In its pursuit, the U.S. government is committed to the destruction of every government and people that stands in its way, in the Middle East and throughout the world.
'Freedom and democracy' for Iraq and 'liberty' around the world are new code words for a very particular global strategy. According to this strategy, the Pentagon's military pre-eminence will be used to invade, bomb, subvert and threaten any and all countries in the formerly colonized and semi-colonized world that seek to maintain control over their own resources and retain even nominal independence and sovereignty. Bush and the neo-conservatives are the political spokespersons for this strategy. Congress and the courts fade into an ornamental status as Pentagon-enforced capitalism asserts itself as the real power in contemporary U.S. politics."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Eulogy For America
: "Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn the passing of the United States of America, a nation that once stood as a beacon light of hope for the world.
America was betrayed and murdered on November 2, 2004. Also killed during this time of madness were the following virtues: truth, justice, integrity, freedom, compassion, brotherhood, tolerance, faith, hope, charity, peace, and respect for other cultures and nations. These virtues are survived by their antitheses--deceit, injustice, hypocrisy, fascism, selfishness, hatred, fear, hopelessness, greed, perpetual warfare and arrogant hegemony.
Also murdered were seven platitudes, which parents once used to convince their children that America was a rational and honorable nation: "

Monday, November 08, 2004

Praise God And Pass Out The Cash / VIEW FROM THE LEFT: "Give credit where credit is due. President George W. Bush's faith-based initiatives did exactly what they were intended to do on Election Day. By giving, or promising to give, taxpayer money to churches, Bush was able to win the support of kinky clergymen everywhere.
His handout to religious groups was so successful that even the Roman Catholic bishops rooted for him. They spent the campaign badmouthing one of their own, John F. Kerry, who never knew what hit him.
The election campaign of 2004 turned out to be exactly as advertised, full of twists and turns, shocks and surprises, and more than a few dirty tricks. "

Sunday, November 07, 2004

AxisofLogic/ The 2004 Elections - Growing Collection of Vote Fraud links: ATTN Global Media : "The list of evidence is growing that the US election was anything but a fair vote. Who could possibly think that all of these voting problems are just a minor aberation? The long lines are always in Democratic counties, that the computer 'glitches' always favor Bush, and the new e-machines were made by a Bush 'Pioneer' (top donor) that pledged to deliver for Bush. Funny how Diebold makes bank machines which print paper receipts millions of times daily, but they couldn't get the printer to work in the voting machines."
Taxes and Consequences: The Second Term Begins: "PRESIDENT BUSH began his first term with projections for $5.6 trillion in budget surpluses. Though he will start his second term facing at least $2.3 trillion in deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office, his tax-cutting ambitions are even greater. Here are some of the initiatives that he's likely to push, and the unanswered questions that go with them. "

Thursday, November 04, 2004

George W Bush is the AntiChrist: "Bush recently told an Amish group in Pennsylvania that 'God speaks through me.' Another story that ran in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz tells how Bush had told Middle East leaders that ' God told me to strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam [ Hussein], which I did.' First of all, what is interesting about these voices Bush is hearing, voices which are effectively telling him to go kill people, is that Jesus consistently taught his disciples to overcome evil with good rather than with bombs and bullets and violence.
It is eminently reasonable to assume that the voices Bush is hearing are not coming from God at all, but from Satan. It is also reasonable to assume that the devil does not desire peace, but war and death and destruction. Why is it that when an ordinary citizen hears voices telling him to kill people, we lock him up for the safety of both himself and the community; yet when Bush hears voices telling him to kill, fundamentalists rejoice and pretend he was chosen by God to be president?"
TheStar.com - Editorial: Bush win tests Canada's resolve: "Canadians cheered on Kerry by a 3 to 1 margin, feeling that he would repair relations with close allies and be less tempted down reckless paths. The Bush administration has provoked a disturbing upswing of anti-Americanism here, as elsewhere in the world. There is concern our countries are drifting apart.
If Americans have their work cut out healing wounds after a nasty campaign, Canadians and Americans together have more work to do to avert a bilateral rift. At the same time, the U.S. has fences to mend globally.
Much of the world saw Campaign 2004 as a $1.2 billion referendum on Bush's deeply flawed leadership, post 9/11, and on his use of pre-emptive war to assert U.S. interests. And the world preferred Kerry.
Bush's campaign as the 'trusty' steward of America's well-being, strained credibility. He let bin Laden slip away. He misled the U.S. into a war in Iraq on the false pretext that Saddam Hussein had ties with 9/11 terror and weapons of mass destruction. He cut taxes for the rich few while millions lost jobs, grew poor and lacked health insurance."
Infoshop News - A View from Abroad: The Evil Empire?: "It should now be clear to everyone in the world that the U.S. is not a country that is run by a corrupt and brutal government but populated by compassionate citizens simply at the mercy of this government. Unlike in other countries where the government may engage in brutal policies such as the military war on Iraq and the economic war on the world's poor but the population overwhelmingly opposes these policies, American citizens wholehearted endorse such acts of tyranny and even applaud them. When presented with an opportunity to rid their nations of those in government who would pursue the path of illegal war, the path of economic and military domination of the world, and who cooperate with the U.S. attempt to establish a world empire, the citizens of most countries speak with one voice to defeat these tyrants. In the U.S., they condone their illegal actions by overwhelmingly supporting them.
And Americans wonder why they're hated. They wonder why there are people who are willing to dedicate their lives to their destruction. Let's be realistic about this: No one is jealous about how free and great the U.S. is. This is the kind of thing that a mother tells some pathetic child to help him deal with being ostracized by other kids. Americans are hated because of their arrogance, their bloodlust, their desire to live vicariously through the criminal acts that their military visits upon the world--at least those parts of the world where people worship a different god than they worship or have different physical characteristics than they have.
So when we look at Americans, we need to realize that behind the wheel that SUV that sucks up the oil that America is building an empire to secure, chances are there is someone who applauds the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis."
Industries of evil benefit from Bush re-election: "Every man, aged 18 - 30, had better start thinking about whether they're going to be willing to join Bush's war machine and be shipped off to a foreign land to fight more civilians, er... I mean 'terrorists.' The stock prices of bomb-making companies soared following the Bush re-election, meaning that investors are betting on the need for more bombs, bullets, missiles and tanks. "

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hey, we did our best but it just wasn't good enough to overcome the large number of uneducated Americans living among us. I've been updating blogs for over a year describing the terrible lies, hypocrisy, and out-and-out evil of Bush and his administration, and it still wasn't enough. I'm not sure exactly what to do now. Move to Canada?

The world hates Bush. Close to half of all Americans deeply disagree with the decisions that he makes on our behalf. It just doesn't make sense that he would be re-elected. I guess we know how so many in Germany felt when Hitler came to power and the majority supported him. History will prove us correct in our judgement. I just hope that Bush doesn't screw things up so badly that we can't recover once we finally have a sensible leader again.

If you have children I especially feel for you. The immoral decisions that Bush has made (and will continue to make) are sure to negatively affect the children of today more than any other segment of the population. Bush WILL re-instate the draft (Rove will call it something else, but it will still be a draft) and many of our children will die. And the education that our children get will continue to suffer just as it has over the last four years.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. We tried our best, and ultimately you and I will be proven right. Eventually.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

John Kerry vs George Bush Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!!: "If YOU are a John Kerry supporter and haven't voted yet, I want YOU to get up right now and head to your voting precinct, and cast your vote for John Kerry. YOU don't want to wake up tomorrow morning and find that because of a few hundred votes George Bush was elected as president of the United States. No matter what YOU hear from any television, radio, newspaper, or magazine. Regardless of what opinion is offered by anyone who has the ability to provide commentary about John Kerry or George Bush. The only person that can decide this election with their vote is YOU!!!"

Monday, November 01, 2004

Please Vote: "What if you show up to vote next Tuesday and election workers say you are not registered?
1. Make sure you are at the correct voting precinct. You can check at My Polling Place or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for assistance.
2. If you are at the correct polling place and officials claim you are not registered, request a provisional ballot. It's your right under the law. "
John Kerry storms to victory in virtual vote: "The virtual vote is in -- Democratic challenger John Kerry has won a landslide victory over President George W. Bush in a global sample of the world's opinion on the race for the White House.
More than 113,000 people from 119 countries made their choice at www.globalvote2004.org, handing Kerry a crushing win with 77 percent of the vote, a spokesman for the website said on Monday.
Third party candidates, including independent Ralph Nader, took nearly 14 percent of the vote, while Bush garnered a mere nine percent.
The results, a non-official tally of the world's view of the closely-fought presidential race, were released a day before Americans go to the polls in the real vote."
'Fahrenheit' to Air on Internet Monday: "Audiences will get another opportunity to view Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' on the eve of the elections when video-on-demand firm CinemaNow will make the controversial documentary available Monday via the Internet."
Redskins Loss: Bad News for Bush, Touchdown Kerry: "The Washington Redskins lost their final home football game before the U.S. presidential election on Sunday -- and that's great news for Democratic Sen. John Kerry and bad news for President Bush.
In every presidential election since 1936, the Redskins' last home game has accurately predicted the winner. If they win, the incumbent president's party wins. If they lose, the challenger wins."
Osama bin Laden Is Bush's Greatest Failure: "Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry is right when he charges President George W. Bush with allowing Osama bin Laden to escape justice for the 3,000 deaths caused September 11, 2001. Osama slipped away as we watched.
Osama bin Laden is President Bush's greatest failure in the last four years."
Day 1,146 and Counting: "I've been surprised that the Republicans haven't come out with guns a-blazing since the bin Laden tape, screaming (or at least suggesting) that it proves that Osama wants you to vote for Kerry. A few pundits have indulged in this idiocy, but by and large the administration and its surrogates have stressed that the bin Laden tape should not be politicized.
We're supposed to believe that they consider this above politics? Please. These people would politicize a bingo match. They're not politicizing this (although there's still one day to go) because the existence of the tape is not, contrary to the cable conventional wisdom on Friday night, a good development for them. They don't need the American public repeatedly reminded, in the campaign's last 72 hours, that the man who killed 2,700 Americans is still at large. "
The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all: "The full scale of the human cost already paid for the war on Iraq is only now becoming clear. Last week's estimate by investigators, using credible methodology, that more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians - most of them women and children - have died since the US-led invasion is a profound moral indictment of our countries. The US and British governments quickly moved to cast doubt on the Lancet medical journal findings, citing other studies. These mainly media-based reports put the number of Iraqi civilian deaths at about 15,000 - although the basis for such an endorsement is unclear, since neither the US nor the UK admits to collecting data on Iraqi civilian casualties.
Civilian deaths have always been a tragic reality of modern war. But the conflict in Iraq was supposed to be different - US and British forces were dispatched to liberate the Iraqi people, not impose their own tyranny of violence. "

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Rock the Vote - Vote November 2
Driving Votes - Visit a Swing State, Get Out the Vote: "On Tuesday, we'll either celebrate John Kerry's victory, or face another four years of George Bush and Dick Cheney. It all depends upon what we do in the next 2 days. "
Kerry outraged by bin Laden: "'America knows that I bring 35 years of experience, more experience than George Bush has in foreign affairs and national security affairs,' Kerry said in the interview to be broadcast in full on Monday evening.
'I'm going to hunt down, capture and kill the terrorists, and I believe I will wage a far more effective war on terror than George Bush has,' Kerry said, before shifting the focus onto the war in Iraq and reiterating the list of presidential failings that have formed a major part of his campaign platform.
'George Bush rushed to war without a plan to win the peace. He sent our troops into battle without the armor that they need, without armored Humvees,' Kerry said.
'We've got young kids being wounded today because the state of preparedness of this administration to wage a war ... I think that's inexcusable.' "
Halliburton Contract a Greased Deal All the Way: "The Army extended a Halliburton Co. troop support contract over the objections of a top contracting officer, even contending - and then withdrawing - a claim that U.S. forces faced an emergency if the company didn't get the extra work.
'I wrote directly on the document the weaknesses ... so that all could clearly see,' contracting official Bunnatine Greenhouse wrote a top general this month in questioning the extended troop support contract in the Balkans.
Greenhouse has had problems with the $2 billion contract at least since January 2002, when she wrote, 'There is little or no incentive for the contractor to reduce or keep cost down.'
The contracting officer has gone public with allegations of favoritism toward the company once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney."

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kerry Has One-Point Lead on Bush - Reuters/Zogby Poll: "Democratic Sen. John Kerry moved into a one-point lead over President Bush nationally and had the edge in six key battleground states in a tight White House race, according to Reuters/Zogby polls released on Saturday. "
Key US army official slams Bush over Halliburton Iraq contracts: "One of the US Army's top procurement officers yesterday called the Bush administration's grant of multibillion-dollar contracts to oil services giant Halliburton 'the worst case of contracting abuse she has ever seen'.
Bunny Greenhouse, the Corps of Engineers chief contracting official, said: 'It was misconduct, and part of that misconduct was blatant.' Her comments, made in an interview on NBC's Nightly News programme, came as US government memos revealed that the Pentagon extended a Halliburton contract for 11 months beyond its expiration, despite warnings that the company was 'out of control' in its work providing troop support in the Balkans."
Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant: "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' top contracting official on Friday called the government's grant of multi-billion dollar contracts to oil services giant Halliburton the worst case of contracting abuse she has ever seen. "
U.S. Pentagon tries to account for explosives: "With the Pentagon scrambling, the new video from ABC affiliate KSTP of St. Paul, Minnesota, appears to lend credence to speculation the munitions went missing once U.S. forces were in control.
Seizing on the development, Democratic vice presidential hopeful John Edwards said the missing weapons prove the current administration is unfit to lead.
'They've been incompetent in Iraq and here at home they always look out for their powerful friends at the top,' Edwards told a crowd at a campaign stop in Wisconsin."
John Kerry George Bush Eminem And Osama bin Laden: "On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 you have take the bull by the horns and determine if John Kerry or George Bush will be the next president of the United States. Eminem does it through song, leaving the rest of us to voice our opinions with your vote. It's no secret our opinion, based on all the facts, George Bush is not the answer to your problems. George Bush and John Kerry are pulling out all the stops to win this election. Forget what you hear from the pollsters about who is ahead or who is the favorite in your city, county, or state. Forget what you hear on the local or national news about who is going to win the election. Nothing you hear should mean anything to you as it relates to your voting for John Kerry or George Bush. The only thing that should matter is that you make sure you vote on Tuesday, and you vote for John Kerry. "
John Kerry George Bush Eminem And Osama bin Laden: "On Tuesday, November 2, 2004 you have take the bull by the horns and determine if John Kerry or George Bush will be the next president of the United States. Eminem does it through song, leaving the rest of us to voice our opinions with your vote. It's no secret our opinion, based on all the facts, George Bush is not the answer to your problems. George Bush and John Kerry are pulling out all the stops to win this election. Forget what you hear from the pollsters about who is ahead or who is the favorite in your city, county, or state. Forget what you hear on the local or national news about who is going to win the election. Nothing you hear should mean anything to you as it relates to your voting for John Kerry or George Bush. The only thing that should matter is that you make sure you vote on Tuesday, and you vote for John Kerry. "
List of Bush excuses (LIES) about the missing Iraq explosives: "OK, Now that there is video proof that the 750,000 pounds of stolen hi-grade explosives were still at the Iraq bunker site at least until April 18, 2003 (

Friday, October 29, 2004

Feds probe Halliburton contracts: "Federal investigators have launched a new probe into whether the Bush administration improperly awarded no-bid contracts to Halliburton."
Report: 100,000-plus Iraqi civilians dead: "A Baltimore public health expert says the Iraq war has killed more than 100,000 civilians, the Times of London reported Friday.
Les Roberts of the Johns Hopkins University led a team of U.S. and British analysts in getting a death count. Their work will be published in the online edition of the British medical journal Lancet."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Edwards presses Bush on missing explosives: "'And why does George Bush take three days to finally say something about 380 tons of missing explosives?' Edwards said. 'Why won't he face the facts? The whole world knew those explosives were there. They did nothing - nothing - to secure them. Now, they're gone. We don't know who has them. It's possible the terrorists have them. Today, what does George Bush have to say about this? He said John Kerry doesn't support the troops. What is he talking about?
'Aren't you sick and tired of George Bush and Dick Cheney using our troops as shields to protect their own jobs instead of doing everything they should to protect our troops? Our troops did their job, our military did their job. George Bush did not do his job.'"
Bush campaign Web site blocks overseas visits: "Net surfers outside the U.S. interested in U.S. President George Bush's re-election strategy aren't currently able to learn about it from his campaign Web site. Visitors from a number of international locations reported hitting 'access denied' errors as they tried to reach the site on Tuesday.
Web surfers in London; Paris; Oslo; Linz, Austria; and Taipei encountered a '403 Forbidden' access-denied error page when they tried to contact Bush's Web site, GeorgeWBush.com. Surfers in the U.S. reported no problems. "
Late-Term Abortion Saved These Women's Lives: "When Bush used the term 'partial-birth abortion' and called it a 'brutal practice,' she buried her head in her hands.
Unlike many American voters, Watts knows that 'partial-birth abortion' does not exist. Coined by anti-choice activists, this term cannot be found in any medical dictionary. Its imprecision, according to defenders of choice, could target a whole host of procedures.
In political forums like the presidential debates, this catchphrase has worked its way into usage and is widely assumed to mean late-term abortions. Though Bush calls these procedures 'brutal,' they are necessary to save the lives of women such as Watts, whose pregnancy entailed a rare complication."
John Kerry Might, But Will George Bush Approve This Ad??? - s5000.com: "This is part of the problem with Bush supporters. They know they're getting screwed by George Bush. They know George W. Bush is a liar. In their hearts they realize John Kerry will provide them with better opportunities. Yet they still keep going back and supporting George Bush. I don't get it, I don't understand it, and I just can't believe that anyone is that stupid. Then again I have to keep reminding myself that about 50% of the country is still supporting George Bush."
Stuck like bugs in amber: "It seems the majority of Bush supporters, according to recent polls, still believe Saddam Hussein had ties to al-Qaida and even to 9/11, and that the United States found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Many of you are asking how that could possibly be, since everybody knows ...
But everybody doesn't know. There it is. And if you are wondering why everybody doesn't know, you can either blame it on the media, always a shrewd move, or take notice that the administration is still spreading this same misinformation."
Professors: Iraq will be factor Nov. 2: "Bush;s justifications for the war - the presence of weapons for mass destruction in Iraq and ties to terrorism - were found to be nonexistent, Kang said.
Instead, candidates should have been focusing on how the United States can get out of Iraq, who will pay for the federal deficit, and policies on health care, the environment and education, Kang said.
The campaign has been distorted by Bush's lies, Kang said. If elected, Kerry would help restore alliances with other countries, but he doesn't have an easy answer to the war, Kang said.
'The war will go on for a long time,' Kang said. 'Nobody has a magic solution.' "
U.S. losing control of strategic Iraqi city: "The U.S. military and the interim Iraqi government are quickly losing control of this provincial capital, which is larger and strategically more important than its sister city of Falluja, local officials, clerics, tribal sheiks and officers with the U.S. Marines have said.
'The city is chaotic,' said Sheik Ali al-Dulaimi, a leader of the region's largest tribe. 'There's no presence of the Allawi government,' he added, speaking of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi."

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry says Bush sought to hide loss of Iraq arms: "Democratic challenger John F. Kerry accused President Bush yesterday of covering up the disappearance of Iraqi explosives after the US-led invasion, charging that the incumbent ''tried to hide the information until after the election' as part of a broader political strategy to mislead voters about setbacks in Iraq.
At a rally late yesterday in Las Vegas, Kerry went even further, suggesting that the missing weapons had been used against American troops. ''Those ammo dumps have been looted and raided, and kids and our young American forces are being shot at from weapons stolen from the ammo dumps that this president didn't think were important enough to guard,' said Kerry"
Kerry to Appeal to Middle Class: "Kerry said Wednesday, 'After four years in office, this president has failed middle-class families with almost every choice he's made. He's given more to those with the most at the expense of middle-class working families who are struggling to get ahead.'
'Now he's asking you to give him four more years so that he can keep up the bad work,' Kerry said in remarks prepared for a rally in Sioux City. "
Amnesty hits US on terror war torture: "The human rights group condemned the US administration's response to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington as one which had resulted in its own 'iconography of torture, cruelty, and degradation.'
'The war mentality the government has adopted has not been matched with a commitment to the laws of war, and it has discarded fundamental human rights principles along the way,' it said in a report."
Pre-emptive Pie-hole Policy Not an Option: "'I don't know whether Americans just can't handle the truth - or if they've been lied to so damn much they don't recognize it anymore. They may not like it - you may not like it - but this guy's a liar. Plain and simple. If what comes blaring out of his pie-hole isn't true - it's a lie. Not an exaggeration. Not a misrepresentation. Bush doesn't 'misspeak.' He lies. Lies. Lies.' "
Latino Organizations Call on President Bush to Halt Alleged Voter Intimidation Tactics: "Despite the gains made over these past decades, there is mounting evidence that lawyers aligned with the Republican Party may be taking steps to intimidate voters who go to the polls on November 2nd. Specifically, the New York Times reported this past Saturday that nearly 4,000 lawyers stand ready to challenge voters at the polls in Ohio. We believe their intention to stop voter fraud is misguided. It is our understanding these lawyers will have the ability to challenge the qualifications of a voter. Among the grounds cited is citizenship. We have experienced this treatment before. In previous similar such episodes only voters with darker skin color and Spanish or Asian surnames were challenged. A chilling atmosphere of intimidation at the polling places deterred duly qualified citizens from voting!"
A Campaign Thriving on Exploiting Voters' Fears: "Republican spin merchants play to childish fears with their new television ad. This time, the stars are big, bad wolves, while a chilling disembodied voice says: 'Weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm'.
And while viewers are presumably shaking under their blankets, Vice President Dick Cheney warns: 'If we make the wrong (election) choice, then the danger is that we'll get hit again'.
Was this a moment of clairvoyance from the man, whose allegation that Iraq was 'the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault for many years...' became a self-fulfilling post-invasion prophecy? Was this an inspirational comment from the man who once insisted Americans would be feted as liberators of Iraq? Or, does it represent just another dirty trick in the mucky game of modern-day American politicking?"

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

U.S. finds Geneva Convention exemption: "A Bush administration legal opinion says not all non-Iraqi prisoners captured in Iraq are protected by the Geneva Convention, the New York Times reports. "
Iraq insurgents might possess lost explosives: "The disappearance raised questions about why the United States didn't do more to secure the Al-Qaqaa facility 30 miles south of Baghdad and failed to allow international inspections to resume after the March 2003 invasion.
The White House played down the significance of the missing weapons, but Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry accused President Bush of 'incredible incompetence,' and his campaign said the administration 'must answer for what may be the most grave and catastrophic mistake in a tragic series of blunders in Iraq.'"
Republicans gather to bash Bush: "Jon DeStefano, a Republican and former president of the Jefferson County Public Schools board, said, 'Bush promised leadership and unifying America, but Americans are not working together.
'I am aware of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't believe there ever has been a president (who) has caused such a tragedy.'
Harold Anderson, co-owner of a small medical equipment company who actively supported Republican presidential candidates all his life, said, 'This president is forgetting the middle class.
'We don't need a super leader, but a man who can admit when he makes mistakes.'
Bill Winter, a Colorado native who formerly served both in the Marine Corps and Navy, worked for presidential bid of U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
'My disillusionment with the Republican Party started when we watched Congress spending so much time trying to impeach Bill Clinton when there were so many other urgent things that needed to be done,' he said."
Can't be pro-life if you're pro-war: "Contrary to the words used in political speeches, a commitment to the sanctity of life must be judged by the actions taken to defend and promote life in all its forms. War is a defeat for the culture of life, and political leaders who bring about or perpetuate war sin against God and humanity and cannot be considered in any sense of the word 'pro-life.'
I do not believe John Kerry ever performed an abortion. But I do know our president has killed many innocent people."
Liars and terror and gays - oh, my!: "The Bush campaign's re-election strategy is based on three tenets, all of which have become energized as we enter the home stretch of the presidential campaign.
Rather than take the high road and play up the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have taken the low road. Instead of giving us hope, they divide America with fears, smears and no-queers.
They tell us that Saddam Hussein was going to nuke us and the gays are going to convert us. And who will ever forget the New York convention where we heard the tintinnabulation of the Zell, Zell, Zell! They outdid Poe on that one.
They figure that by scaring people into war over phantom weapons of mass destruction, by smearing critics who point out their lies, and by suggesting that all gays - except Little Mary Cheney - have a secret agenda to destroy heterosexual marriage, they can defeat John Kerry.
One problem with the Bush-Cheney strategy is obvious. It's unseemly, misleading and contrary to what a true compassionate conservative (say someone like John McCain) might do."
Kerry has long served public: "Recent letters concerning the upcoming election stun me by the writers' incomprehension of reality and their acceptance of Bush's misinformation campaign. They repeat those lies like a mantra. Wake up, people. Get news from reputable sources, not Fox News or campaign ads. Even Cheney said 'go to factcheck.org' although they've not vindicated him there. Bush lied to us repeatedly. You're gullible to accept it as truth.
Initially, I wasn't sold on Kerry, but I've done my homework. He's clearly the better candidate. He's led a life of public service, active naval duty, district attorney investigating/prosecuting organized crime, then lieutenant governor. He brought his investigative skills to the Senate, using them to write and pass laws which today fight financial support of terrorism.
Kerry's history of working in a bipartisan manner contrasts sharply with this administration's record of intimidation and bullying. He's intelligent and aware of the complexities of today's world, not afraid to ask questions, learning more to better formulate sensible ideas."
Brian Cloughley: Three Weddings and Lots of Funerals: "'Four Weddings and a Funeral' is a British movie made a decade ago with a pretty weak story line and a lot of laughs if you understand the British sense of humor.
'Three Weddings and Lots of Funerals' is different. The story line in what I write here is strong enough, but there are no laughs whatever. It concerns the willful massacre of over a hundred innocent people by US aircraft at two wedding gatherings in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in the past 15 months.
These war crimes have not attracted publicity because the mainstream US media is not interested in following up even well-documented and irrefutable stories of US atrocities. (If these incidents had involved a British aircraft killing civilians the UK's print media would have gone berserk and the defense minister would have been forced to resign.)
The people slaughtered at the wedding celebrations in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't terrorists. They weren't anything much, really, because they were just ordinary people ; wedding guests who had been enjoying themselves in their traditional way until the rockets and 50 cal rounds and 105 millimeter shells and monster bombs slammed explosively into them, ripping them apart in gouts of blood and gobbets of flesh."
John Kerry He's For Truth George Bush Provides Lies It's Your Vote: "John Kerry stands for truth while George Bush continues to lie. John Kerry is honest and George Bush is a liar. John Kerry has heart whereas George Bush possesses no soul. John Kerry beams with integrity but George Bush exudes deception. It appears too many voters support George Bush because they wish they were able to get away with as much as he does. You know, never admitting to having done anything wrong or ever admitting they have made any mistakes. There is no doubt in my mind that George Bush will lie or mislead voters in an effort to get elected. George Bush cannot be trusted and is not the answer to America's problems. John Kerry deserves for you to give him the opportunity to take this country into a different direction. "

Monday, October 25, 2004

Prisoners: U.S. Ruling Drops Rights of Some Captured in Iraq: "A new legal opinion by the Bush administration has concluded for the first time that some non-Iraqi prisoners captured by American forces in Iraq are not entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions, administration officials said Monday.
The opinion, reached in recent months, establishes an important exception to public assertions by the Bush administration since March 2003 that the Geneva Conventions applied comprehensively to prisoners taken in the conflict in Iraq, the officials said."
Rumsfeld 'ignored Fallujah warnings': "Warnings by the US military commander of last April's operation in Fallujah on the consequences of attacking the city were ignored by the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and not passed to President George Bush, an American newspaper has claimed.
After weeks of fighting, and with 600 Iraqis dead, not only did the assault fail, leaving Fallujah in the hands of the rebels, but it also triggered the bloody insurgency still sweeping Iraq. The city has now become the headquarters of Jordanian militant leader Abu Musab Zarqawi whose fighters have mounted relentless attacks, the latest of which claimed the lives of 49 Iraqi army recruits."
Bombshell for Bush: 350 tons of explosives go missing in Iraq: "In a massive pre-election embarrassment for the Bush administration, nearly 350 tons of lethal explosives - which could be used to trigger nuclear weapons - have vanished from a military facility in Iraq supposed to have been guarded by US troops.
Hardly had the disappearance come to light than John Kerry, the Democratic presidential challenger, seized on the episode as proof that George Bush was incapable of keeping America safe. The material could already be in terrorist hands, he warned yesterday."

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Vote John Kerry, alliance builder at home and abroad: "When looking at the track records of the two men running for president, it is clear that U.S. Sen. John Kerry stands head and shoulders above our incumbent president and we urge our readers to vote for him on Nov. 2.
About our current president and his administration, we think George W. Bush's former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said it best: 'He's like a blind man in a room full of deaf people.'
Driven by ideology, the president and his administration cannot see reality.
In just four years, Bush has squandered a $236 billion surplus and created a projected $400 billion deficit, potentially burdening our children and our children's children with debt caused by rushing headlong into a war in Iraq on grounds that have proven unfounded. At the same time, he compounded our financial woes by giving billions in tax cuts to America's corporations and wealthiest individuals.
He has asked the soldiers and their families to sacrifice. He has asked countless Americans in need of vital social services to sacrifice. To corporations he has only given."
More Voice of the People: "I was and am a fiscal conservative and as such did not like all of the giveaway boondoggles the Democrats are famous for, but now that all seems minor when compared to the tax giveaways and the war costs, and the dead and wounded.
For what? We had Saddam Hussein in a box and it was just a matter of time before he would have fallen.
The most liberal liberal could not have spent as much as this president. He does not deserve another term."

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Re-electing Bush Means Loss of Freedom for Americans: "From the first, George W. Bush has been a 'he-wouldn't-do-that-would-he?' sort of president. We witness the lopsided grin, the just-folks geniality that seems to promise common sense. But then, behind the aw-shucks words, come the jaw-dropping actions.
George W. Bush would _ and did _ lead our country to war on the flimsiest of pretexts. He would, and did, spend this country into the ground to reward the rich."
George Bush Referenced African Americans As The "N" Word: "It appears when President Bush used the words nigger or niggers it wasn't done will malice or to threaten an individual. George Bush was apparently just using the words as a slang term to describe African Americans. The source supported that when they said, 'It was just kinda the way we spoke of them (blacks) folks. Didn't mean nothing by it. Just the way it is.' Might this explain George Bush's lack of involvement with the African American community, and his failure to be seen at recent conventions and/or events recently hosted by African American groups? "
95-year old Republican ex-governor wants Bush out: "I am more fearful for the state of the nation than I have ever been": "ELMER L. ANDERSEN, ex-governor of Minnesota and a staunch Republican - until now, i.e., in this piece gives his reasons for imploring other Republicans to vote for John Kerry:
Throughout my tenure and beyond as the 30th governor of this state, I have been steadfastly aligned -- and until recently, proudly so -- with the Minnesota Republican Party.
It dismays me, therefore, to have to publicly disagree with the national Republican agenda and the national Republican candidate but, this year, I must.
The two 'Say No to Bush' signs in my yard say it all."
No hard evidence of Election Day terror plot: "'We've not unearthed anything that would add any credence to talk of an election-related attack,' said one senior FBI counterterrorism official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because authorities have been instructed not to talk publicly about the issue before the elections. 'You can never say there is not a threat, but we have not found specific evidence of one.'"

Friday, October 22, 2004

Don't Boycott Sinclair. Hit Them Where They Are Most Vulnerable. Go After Ad Sponsors and Investors: "Don't Boycott Sinclair. It's too tough to make an impression and takes too long to get a read on whether it had an effect. The most powerful way to get to the most vulnerable underbelly of the media is to hurt them financially-- by going to their advertisers and investors. If the stock value drops and/or if the profits drop, they will feel it, and they are more likely to respond to just the risk of such an approach.
You can put pressure on Sinclair through the stockholders by contacting the primary stockholders and threatening to dump the mutual funds that hold the largest amount of stock in Sinclair. Here's a link that lists them http://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=SBGI. The DailyKos is also working this angle at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2004/10/11/18560/484."
Revealing and Disputing Bush's Desperate Last Minute Distortions, Lies and Spin: "As we all head down the stretch of the most important election of our lifetime we need to be ever vigilant to ensure that we go into the voting booth armed with the truth. Now that the debates are over, president Bush has stepped up his rhetoric, distortions and lies. The strategy is to misinform voters with little time left, to scare people with fabrications hoping that no one will realize until Election Day.
Yesterday, George Bush was in New Jersey stumping for voters and stumping voters with illusion and dishonesty. He started by duping the media into covering the speech by pretending he was giving a 'major policy speech', when in reality it was just his old recycled trash. The following is an analysis of his speech, providing you with the truth behind the deceit."

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oil near record peaks: "Oil prices have pushed towards record peaks after a larger-than-expected decline in heating fuels in the United States heightened fears of a winter supply crunch."
Evangelist says Bush should admit error: "The evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson set off a partisan firefight after telling a television interviewer that President George W. Bush had serenely assured him that, 'Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties' in the invasion of Ira"
World Living Beyond Its Environmental Means-WWF: "The world is consuming some 20 percent more natural resources a year than the planet can produce, conservationist group WWF warned on Thursday.
Urging governments to move rapidly to restore the ecological balance, the Swiss-based group said rich countries, particularly in North America, were largely to blame for the situation."
Right on the Money?: "One thing that's adding a huge cost is that the government has been spending more than it has -- $413 billion more in 2004. That's called a deficit. As a result of several years of overspending, the government has a total debt of $7.4 trillion.
The government works like any household: Tax money comes in (like your parents' paychecks) and budget money goes out (like what your parents spend on food, a house, a car). If families spend more than they've got, they go into debt and have to borrow money. Then they have to pay extra to whatever bank or credit card company loaned them that money. That extra payment is called interest.
In the case of the U.S. government, the gigantic debt means this year the country owed $168 billion in interest alone. That's more than the government spends on education, police, help to other countries and the space program put together. Bush and Kerry both have promised to cut the deficit in half, but the only ways to do it aren't easy or popular: Spend less money or bring in more tax money.
The government actually had extra money four years ago, roughly $5.6 trillion projected over 10 years. Where'd it go?
Well, the president cut taxes for Americans at the same time the country was going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. "
Study Says Big Oil Adding to Corruption: "Most oil-rich countries are burdened by corruption and oil companies contribute to the problem by not publishing information on payments made to governments and state-owned oil companies, according to a study by Berlin-based Transparency International (TI). "
Bush Enemy No. 1: "'Did you see Bush, in one debate, drinking from an empty water glass?' he asked. 'He saw it was empty, but he just kept drinking it. Did he think, `Well, the American people have fallen for everything else the last four years. America, there's water in this glass. There's weapons of mass destruction in this glass.''
'At one point,' Moore said, 'Bush said, `Let me finish,' even though nobody had interrupted him and he had plenty of time left. What was that? An earpiece? I thought there were voices in his head.' "
Majority not always right: "There is a wide international consensus that it would not be in the interest of the United States and its people - for that matter, the world - if George Bush were re-elected president. And yet he is well ahead in the opinion polls and his popularity is growing, disturbingly, also among the young and the poor.

Four more years for George W may be seriously bad news for world peace and will quite likely isolate Americans further from the rest of the world, but at least we can all learn a few lessons on human behaviour and democracy from that. It's all very depressing."
FURY AS BLAIR OKs BUSH'S TROOP REQUEST: "TONY Blair today infuriated the families of British troops serving in Iraq by agreeing to George Bush's call for them to relieve US units.
Critics voiced fears that British troops will now be caught up in the insurgent bomb attacks that have plagued the hostile, poorly-administered American areas of Iraq."
The Costs of War - A Mother's View: "For the first time in my life, and with great amazement and sorrow, I feel what can only be described as hatred. It took me a long time to admit it, but there it is. I loathe the hubris, the callousness, and the lies of those in the Bush administration who led us into this war. Truth be told, I even loathe the fallible and very human purveyors of those lies. I feel no satisfaction in this admission, only sadness and recognition. And hope that --given time -- I can do better. I never wanted to hate anyone. "
NOTICIAS.INFO: "BUSH CLAIMS: 'I understand that they need to get better rates of return than the rates of return being given in the current Social Security trust, and the compounding rate of interest effect will make it more likely that the social security system is solvent for our children and our grandchildren.'


CBO: Bush Plan Will Force Benefit Cuts. According to CBO, the President's plan 'would reduce expected retirement benefits relative to scheduled benefits, even when the benefits paid from IAs [individual accounts] under CSSS Plan 2 are included... For example, benefits for the 1980s birth cohort would be 30 percent lower, and benefits for the 2000s cohort would be 45 percent lower.' "
Outraged pundits ignore Bush's lies: "Fake indignation has become a standard feature of post-debate spin by Republicans whenever they feel that their man did poorly. They played the same game on Al Gore in 2000, with considerable help from their press claque, by focusing on minor errors that they transformed into falsehoods. Now they hope that this degrading charade will erase George W. Bush's inadequate performance at the podium by stirring phony anger over the 'lesbian' remark -- which scarcely drew any attention in the first flush of Mr. Kerry's decisive debating victories.
It is remarkable indeed that the Cheney remark could obscure the truly stunning moment in the last debate, when the President claimed that he had never expressed a lack of concern about Osama bin Laden -- when the videotape showed that was exactly what he had said two years ago. And it is amazing, too, that the President can get away with denying that he has made any serious mistakes during his first term, when the disastrous errors are so obvious. "

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

LaRouche: Bush/Cheney Could Cause More Americans to Die of the Flu Than were Killed in 9/11 Attack: "Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issued the warning today, that, 'More people could unnecessarily die of the flu this year, than were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack,' given how the Bush Administration is threatening the health of the United States. LaRouche cited the Administration's refusal to act to mitigate the current crisis, its years-long record of negligence in vaccine procurement, and President Bush's personal display of inhumanity."
Kerry: Bush not the leader he claims to be: "'This president likes to say he's a leader,' Kerry said in remarks prepared for delivery Wednesday. 'Mr. President, look behind you. There's no one there. It's not leadership if no one follows.'
Kerry said U.S. leaders must stop treating other countries with 'contempt,' driving them away from a role in Iraqi security and reconstruction. He also repeated charges that the president's conduct has made the United States weaker, not stronger, in the war on terrorism."
Taste in beer could swing crucial states: "'I bet Senator Kerry doesn't even drink beer,' Bush said in regard to Kerry's statements. 'If he did, he would know that the less filling a beer is, the more and the faster you can drink. When you're president of the United States of America, you don't have time to waste on slow, carb-heavy beer. If you're going to get loaded in the White House, you need to do it ASAP, and take water before going to bed -- because chances are you've got some stupid charity speech in the morning.'"
Edwards takes side of middle class: "Edwards started with Iraq. He criticized the president for being an incompetent leader who has damaged relations with other countries, left the nation vulnerable at accessible points like ports and chemical plants and created a haven of terrorists in the Middle East.
He said Bush promised to unite the nation. Instead, he said, 'he's led us from the edge of greatness to the edge of a cliff, and it's time to lead George Bush out of town.'
In recent campaigning, Bush has used the 'politics of fear' and told lies about presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and his policy, Edwards said. "

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Senator Hillary Clinton is taking the White House to task for the flu vaccine crisis: "NEW YORK Senator Hillary Clinton says when it comes to the flu vaccine, the Bush administration has its priorities wrong.
Clinton says about five-point-six (b) billion dollars is being spent to create an Anthrax vaccine, instead of the few hundred (m) million dollars to create an adequate supply of flu shots."
Senator Hillary Clinton is taking the White House to task for the flu vaccine crisis: "NEW YORK Senator Hillary Clinton says when it comes to the flu vaccine, the Bush administration has its priorities wrong.
Clinton says about five-point-six (b) billion dollars is being spent to create an Anthrax vaccine, instead of the few hundred (m) million dollars to create an adequate supply of flu shots."
Schwarzenegger Endorses Stem Cell Research: "California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his political career at risk. He endorsed a 3-billion-dollar bond measure that would fund human embryonic stem cell research. His position represents a break with California's republican party."
Gore says Bush deceived public on Iraq: "Former US vice president Al Gore has accused President George W Bush of intentionally deceiving the US public about the reasons for invading Iraq and said he is so ideologically driven that he refuses to admit - or even learn from - his mistakes.
'It is beyond incompetence - it is recklessness that risks the safety and security of the American people,' Gore said during a speech at Georgetown University."
Jewish values lean more Democratic: "A favorite Republican tactic is to repeat an untruth over and over again with the anticipation that it will eventually be believed. An example of this is repeating that Bush is 'the best friend Israel ever had.' This continues to be repeated despite the fact that foreign aid to Israel was significantly greater under Clinton (on a yearly basis) than under Bush and that Bush's 2005 budget reduces aid to Israel even further.
Major Jewish organizations state that there is no difference between Bush and Kerry in their support for Israel and that Kerry's voting record in support of Israel has been called 'stellar.' He continues to voice an extremely strong pro-Israel stance. "
Federal government is running on empty: "Connoisseurs of political hypocrisy will recall that the Newt Gingrich-led Republicans, in a wildly ill-advised attempt to shutdown the government in 1995-97, threatened to impeach the Democratic Treasury secretary Robert Rubin. Republican Treasury secretary John Snow seems safe from such threats.
The reason Congress didn't hold a vote to raise the debt limit was that it might draw the public's attention to the fact that under a Republican president and a Republican Congress we have gone from surplus to deep deficits."
At least someone's defending Mary: "You couldn't read Lynne Cheney's outburst about a cheap and tawdry trick without thinking that she herself finds homosexuality cheap and tawdry. Herein lies the irony of the flap. At the moment of Bush's evasion, it was entirely appropriate for Kerry to drive home the point that, as the Cheneys and millions of other American families know, homosexuality is about identity, not about a lifestyle choice.
By standing up and saying so, it was John Kerry who was defending Mary Cheney. If anyone was doing her a disservice it was her mother. She used Kerry's remarks to launch yet another character attack on the senator, when in fact Kerry was just doing what Mary's own father hasn't. "
Project Censored : Censored articles to Email to the Hypnotized: "Robert F. Kennedy, head of the Natural Resources Defense Council, exposes one particularly egregious example of Bush's EPA out and out lying to the public. Shortly after 9/11 he and a partner experienced breathing problems at their office near the WTC. They were able to close up shop, but: 'Many workers did not have that option; their employers relied on the EPA's nine press releases between September and December of 2001 reassuring the public about the wholesome air quality downtown. We have since learned that the government was lying to us. An Inspector General's report released last August revealed that the EPA's data did not support those assurances and that its press releases were being drafted or doctored by White House officials intent on reopening Wall Street.'"
One More Time, Mr Pathological Liar, Why Are We In Iraq?: "Bush is either the worst pathological liar to ever occupy the White House or the stupidest President in US history. Either way, he bears full responsibility for the biggest foreign policy blunder this country has ever made.
'Simply put, the Bush administration has pursued the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history,'' said John Kerry in a Dec 3, 2003 speech before the Council on Foreign Relations.
Personally, I believe Bush is a pathological liar. Not because I don't think he's a moron, because I most certainly do, but because of the number of Bush family members and administration officials who have greatly profited off his war-making, right along with his campaign contributors and cronies in the oil, defense and reconstruction industry. "

Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush and Kerry tied-Reuters poll
: "The latest three-day tracking poll on Monday showed Kerry and Bush deadlocked at 45 percent apiece barely two weeks before the November 2 election. "
Halliburton at Odds with the Environment : "According to the L.A. Times article, when the EPA published their study in June of this year they concluded there was no evidence that hydraulic fracturing posed a threat to drinking water. However, employees of the EPA have lately criticized the manner in which this report was carried out.
One of their primary accusations is that the findings of the study were approved by a review panel dominated by industry personnel, including a Halliburton employee. This is where it goes from a simple conflict of business policies against environmental protection policies to shady inside deals in order to allow people to acquire more of what they want: money. "
Pitts: 'Stolen Honor,' marring campaign season: "My argument here is not - repeat: 'not' - about the content of the movie. Sell it on DVD or show it in theaters and maybe we'd have the luxury of that debate. But by running an attack ad on public airwaves and masking it as news, Sinclair forces a different discussion, one about the depths to which partisans on both sides will go to influence an election.
A responsible broadcaster doesn't use the public airwaves for propaganda, particularly just days before an election. And make no mistake: That's what this is. Not 'bias' with its suggestions of subtlety and subjectivity, but 'propaganda,' a tawdry attempt to swing an election."
Our children will pay for our free lunch: "It is important to remember that these latest tax cuts are all being financed with borrowed money -- money that at some point will have to be paid back. That was the point made by Pete Peterson, the former Nixon administration secretary of commerce, in a terrific piece that business reporter Paul Solman did for PBS' News Hour with Jim Lehrer the other night.
Noting that today's deficits will burden future generations, Peterson said, ``The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children. And as I think about the concept that we're slipping our own kids and grandkids a check for our free lunch, I say we're failing the moral test.''"
Iraq At 1,101 American Casualties: "Whether George Bush misled or lied to the American people he still managed something that John Kerry would have never allowed to occur. The unwarranted deaths of 1,101 American men and women killed in Iraq so far. George Bush took us to war in Iraq for reasons other than those that he lied or misled the America people about. George W. Bush knowingly sentenced 1,101 Americans to death for reasons other than those that he presented to the World as justification for invading Iraq. "
Open Letter to my Grandfather
For Bush, talking about his religion easier than living it : "George Bush told us once again that he is a devout Christian and that he prays daily, and yet daily, he breaks at least three of the Ten Commandments: Thou shall not lie; thou shall not steal; thou shall not kill."

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bush, Kerry Tied in 3 National Polls: "President George W. Bush and four- term Massachusetts Senator John Kerry are in a statistical tie for voter support in three national polls after their final debate."
Mary Cheney's orientation now political fodder: "It's unclear what trick Cheney was referring to or why it was offensive. Her daughter, Mary, is indeed out of the closet and has been for a long time. She even works on her father's campaign as a top adviser, earning a reported $100,000 US.
But it's clear that Lynne may have had some trouble accepting her daughter's sexuality. When ABC reporter Cokie Roberts asked her about Mary being openly gay four years ago, Cheney denied it, saying 'My daughter has never declared such a thing.'
Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards said Lynne Cheney's response 'indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences.'"

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Polls show world likes us, not Bush: "America's popularity around the world has taken a beating in recent years, according to a set of coordinated polls conducted in 10 different countries. But the survey also found that despite widespread animosity toward President Bush, huge majorities said they have a good opinion of Americans.
'We like Americans, we don't like Bush,' was how Britain's Guardian newspaper summarized the results of the surveys published Friday. "
Cable pay-per-view decides not to run Michael Moore pre-election special: "Moore said Friday he signed a contract with the company in early September and is considering legal action. He said he believes iN DEMAND decided not to air the film because of pressure from 'top Republican people.'
'Apparently people have put pressure on them and they've broken a contract,' Moore told The Associated Press. "
The Brownshirting of America - by Paul Craig Roberts: "I remember when conservatives favored restraint in foreign policy and wished to limit government power in order to protect civil liberties. Today's young conservatives are Jacobins determined to use government power to impose their will at home and abroad.
Where did such 'conservatives' come from?"
Letter: Cheney lied during debate: "When you're working for George Bush, it's essential to lie with a straight face. During the vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney showed us his talent for doing this several times."
The REAL O'Reilly factor: His ego: "It's ironic that so much of O'Reilly's fame was built on his scathing criticism of President Bill Clinton, whose sexual misconduct O'Reilly blasted night after night throughout the scandal. The behavior alleged in the lawsuit is as ugly as anything in the Starr Report. Maybe O'Reilly's next book will have to be called 'Glass Houses.' "
Fiscal Ruin on the Horizon: "Congress has retreated further and further from any pretense of fiscal responsibility. When they went home to campaign last week, the lawmakers executed what Stan Collender, a prominent budget expert, called a 'triple dive.' They recessed 'having failed to pass the fiscal 2005 budget resolution, all but four of the 13 regular 2005 appropriations and a needed increase in the limit on the national debt,' so the Treasury can sell bonds to our creditors.
'This three-part failure,' Collender said, 'is the best evidence yet that Congress has become either unwilling or unable to deal with the federal budget. It has abrogated its fiscal responsibilities at every step in this year's debate except when the decisions -- like a tax cut -- were politically easy.' "
John Kerry Is George Bush Ashamed Mary Cheney Is A Lesbian? - s5000.com: " I mean come on, Mary Cheney was employeed as manager of Coors's corporate relations for the gay and lesbian market, and has done public bar tours to promote Coors's beer to that market. She currently is paid a six figure salary to work on the Bush / Cheney Campaign. So she isn't just a daughter, she's a highly paid member of the Bush Election Campaign."
Bush as buffoon and villain: "Cleverly Michael Moore looks at the Bush-fire from the average American's point of view. He takes the camera to the lowest angles to shoot American politicians at crotch-level treachery. From there it's down Capitol Hill all the way...
Below the belt? Yup. That's Michael Moore. He shamelessly sides with the common people to ask those uncomfortable questions from politicians which most of us like to sweep under the carpet... or Bush, as it happens to be. "

Friday, October 15, 2004

As U.S. Debt Ceiling Is Reached, Bush Administration Seeks to Raise It Once Again: "Less than a day after President Bush implied that Senator John Kerry lacked 'fiscal sanity,' the Bush administration said on Thursday that the federal government had hit the debt ceiling set by Congress and would have to borrow from the civil service retirement system until after the elections.
Federal operations are unlikely to be affected because Congress is certain to raise the debt limit in a lame-duck session in November. Congressional Republicans had wanted to avoid an embarrassing vote to raise the debt ceiling just a few weeks before Election Day.
Since Mr. Bush took office in January 2001, the federal debt has increased about 40 percent, or $2.1 trillion, to $7.4 trillion. Congress has raised the debt ceiling three times in three years, raising it most recently by $984 billion in May 2003. "
A Desperate White House by Margaret Kimberly: "Bush and his henchmen and women are beginning to lose their collective mind. Their comments are either irrational or clearly untrue. As their lies are revealed they become increasingly desperate and pose a greater threat, if such a thing is possible, to the entire world. "

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Who Won the Debate?: "Poll Results."
More dead in fresh Iraq violence: "At least nine Iraqis and four US soldiers are reported to have been killed in renewed violence in Iraq."
Bush Spins Iraq and Its Ambiguities Into Deadly Lies: "What the administration did may not be a criminal offense; however, the way it has misled the public and sacrificed the lives of our brave troops should at the least be an impeachable one.
What Sen. Patrick Leahy once said of his colleagues' silence over Halliburton's fuzzy math in Iraq applies to the conflict overall. The Vermont Democrat said in June, 'This is the same Congress that during the Clinton administration would have five new investigations started by midday Monday, and just add to them all week long. Now they won't hold hearings, no matter what it is ... they just refuse to hold hearings, but of course they should.' "
Prepping for the Debate by Jonathan Tasini: "If, every time the president opens his mouth , you think you're living in an Orwellian world (the administration's message on Iraq is 'Mayhem is progress!'), tomorrow's debate on domestic policy won't surprise you. The only way the president will be able to defend his administration's economic policies is to mislead, obfuscate and lie. Here's a handy rebuttal on the basic economic issues´┐Żbased on assumptions about what the president will say, his campaign speeches, last debate's transcript and information posted on the Bush-Cheney website. "
Krugman: Expect more lies and distortions from Bush: "It's not hard to predict what President Bush, who sounds increasingly desperate, will say tonight. Here are eight lies or distortions you'll hear, and the truth about each. JOBS - Bush will talk about the 1.7 million jobs created since the summer of 2003, and will say that the economy is ''strong and getting stronger.'' That's like boasting about getting a D on your final exam, when you flunked the midterm and needed at least a C to pass the course. Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over a decline in payroll employment. That's worse than it sounds because the economy needs around 1.6 million new jobs each year just to keep up with population growth."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry 49%, Bush 48% Among Likely Voters: "Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush remain in a tight race for the presidency, with Kerry receiving support from 49% of likely voters and Bush 48%, according to the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Oct. 9-10. "
Eight Talking Points for Voter Persuasion: "Do you know any undecided voters? Do you have a not-so-bright cousin or uncle or friend who intends to vote for George W. Bush? Were you raised by parents who always voted Republican because their own parents always did? Do you live in a state where Confederate flags are seen more frequently than peace signs?
If you answered yes to any of the above, the following last-minute talking points might come in handy. Use them sparingly, smile and be patient. There is no higher calling for a voter than to influence other voters. Don't proselytize. Persuade. "
DEBATE THIS: Proposition911.org - The Case for Demanding `9/11 Truth' from Bush: "Proposition911.org was launched today, aimed at blowing a hole in the Bush administration's official '9/11 Story,' and challenging George W. Bush to tell the truth about his 9/11
foreknowledge, failures and fortunes.
The independent website makes the case that Bush is hiding something about 9/11 which incriminates him. Proposition 911 is an open indictment of the Bush administration, offering evidence strongly suggesting that Bush was deliberately derelict in duties to act on 9/11, in order to derive political power and personal profit."
Death fuels volatile stem cell debate: "Democratic challenger John Kerry invoked the name of Reeve, a passionate advocate for stem cell research, in last Friday's presidential debate in St. Louis, Mo., then revealed yesterday he had received a call from the actor on Saturday, the day before he died.
Reeve thanked him for continuing to push for the end of restrictions on embryonic stem cell research."
William Rivers Pitt: Bearing Bloody Witness: "Almost 40,000 human beings in total are either dead or damaged, sacrificed on the altar of George W. Bush's lies. How many new names, words and phrases have entered the American lexicon since this began? Shock and Awe. Valerie Plame. Abu Ghraib. Yellowcake. PNAC.
There is an old word which applies to the whole situation: Shame.
Shame on this administration for exploiting our fears after September 11 in order to get this war. Shame on them for lying to us all, day after day, for all this time. Shame on them for refusing to admit, even today, that we have embarked upon a disastrous course. Shame on every company which barnstormed to profit from this war by way of our tax dollars. Shame on our 'journalists,' who failed completely to report the truth that has been lying fallow since July of 2002 and before.
Shame on any American who continues to support this administration and its policies. Shame on us all if these policies are allowed to continue after November. No administration, in the history of the nation, has been less deserving of support or approval than the one which currently fouls the corridors of power in Washington D.C."

Monday, October 11, 2004

The irrelevance of reality: "For close to four years now the George W. Bush Presidency has gone on record with lie after lie after lie, to the point that lies are indeed viewed as the only acceptable rhetoric that is fed to the public. We are not sure what can be attributed to be of truthful origin in any of what the Bush Administration has made public, but it is for certain that the awesome reliance on lying has been a clearly visible trait that distinguishes the Bush Presidency from any previous Presidency."
The irrelevance of reality: "For close to four years now the George W. Bush Presidency has gone on record with lie after lie after lie, to the point that lies are indeed viewed as the only acceptable rhetoric that is fed to the public. We are not sure what can be attributed to be of truthful origin in any of what the Bush Administration has made public, but it is for certain that the awesome reliance on lying has been a clearly visible trait that distinguishes the Bush Presidency from any previous Presidency."
Running and Hiding Behind Clever Catch Phrases: "Bush is using this strategy to try and make this election about Kerry's record instead of what it should be about, Bush's record. In essence, Bush is running and hiding from his own record by saying Kerry is running and hiding from his. We must be vigilant to make sure that we do not fall for this baseless form of propaganda and hold this president accountable for his horrific record the past four years. "

Saturday, October 09, 2004

No WMD but Plenty of Death and Destruction: "President George W. Bush's handpicked investigator charged with investigating whether there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has now rendered his final report: There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Period. No stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons. No nuclear weapons. No factories to produce them. No air-conditioned, modernistic labs hidden under the sand. Nada. It turns out that Saddam Hussein had disarmed many years before President Bush had repeatedly said that the United States needed to invade Iraq to 'disarm Saddam.' In the pre-war debate between Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, there is now no doubt as to who was telling the truth and who was not. "
US Attack on Fellujah Wedding House: "American warplanes hit a wedding hall in Felluce (Fallujah) in an airborne attack on Iraqi resisters yesterday. 12 civilians lost their lives in the tragedy.
Doctor Ali Hayat of Fallujah Hospital said the hall was hit by US planes during a wedding ceremony. Hayat reported that the groom was killed and the bride was injured during the attack. Nine of the twelve that were killed were women and 16 other individuals were injured and brought to the hospital. "
Bush Fails to Stem Kerry Momentum in Second Debate, Polls Show: "President George W. Bush failed to gain a victory in the second presidential debate to stem the momentum built by John Kerry, a four-term Massachusetts senator, since their first match-up last week.
Two polls gave Kerry an edge in the 90-minute contest at Washington University in St. Louis. "
George Bush Debates John Kerry - Kerry Beats Bush On Points: "With regards to a couple of poll results last night after the debate concluded. With 567,799 votes in at 11:52 p.m. from the MSNBC web site. The results showed George Bush with 28% of the vote and John Kerry with 72% of the vote. The numbers were closer than last Thursday, but they still showed John Kerry Defeated George Bush in the debate. With 217,613 votes in at 11:59 p.m. from the CNN web site. The results showed George Bush with 18% (40,093) of the vote, John Kerry with 80% (173,328) of the vote, and Evenly Matched at 2% (4,192) of the votes. I think George Bush's numbers will come up throughout the night a bit. But overall I believe John Kerry will remain as the winner of last night's debate."
Arrogance and Spinning in the Town Hall, The Second Presidential Debate: "What Bush wants to do is keep saying things are progressing even when he knows they are not. He wants to look you in the eye and tell you all the reasons you should be afraid. He has hammered Kerry on alleged flip-flopping when after the Duelfer report came out, Bush changed his REASON for going to war for the tenth time. We all heard and remember the lead up to the war when Bush and his cohorts pimped us on this misadventure. We were told 3,000 liters of this, 4,000 gallons of that and that there was the image of a 'mushroom cloud' to be worried about. The Duelfer report blew all of that out of the water. We did not get a couple of things wrong, we got it all wrong. We got it wrong because Bush did not ask for honest intelligence, he asked for intelligence that would convince you and me to support his war. He got what he asked for. Bush lied to us and he lied to Congress. Now, after being caught in these lies, he looks you in the eye and says he is vindicated. Forget the rose colored glasses; he is either blind or he hopes you are. "
Timber! Bush Caught Lying About Lumber Business in the Second Debate. Take Him to the Woodshed!: "I was surfing on the Internet when I heard President Bush assert strongly that he owned no timber business and made the stupid joke about someone needing wood in response to the assertion of John Kerry that Bush did indeed own such a business. I went to factcheck.org at this site http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx@DocID=265 and found the following which says:
'President Bush himself would have qualified as a 'small business owner' under the Republican definition, based on his 2001 federal income tax returns. He reported $84 of business income from his part ownership of a timber-growing enterprise. However, 99.99% of Bush's total income came from other sources that year. (Bush also qualified as a 'small business owner' in 2000 based on $314 of 'business income,'but not in 2002 and 2003 when he reported his timber income as 'royalties' on a different tax schedule.)'
What this tells me is that the President hasn't the smallest idea of what he has, what he promises, what he can deliver. In essence, his campaign is built on lies made up by his handlers and he is just the facade for such lies. "
Sorry Stupid White Men, Bush Is Not Viagra: "Any person with a brain, who has not been totally brainwashed by hundreds and thousands of hours of the puling trash and lies spewed by right wing media, must see that these three debates have shown Bush for the liar and half wit that he is (yes, three-- at least Cheney has a brain. He's a liar, but he has a brain.)."

Friday, October 08, 2004

Furious exchange over Iraq: "Kerry also responded yesterday to a statement by Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser, who said this week that the Pentagon was responsible for determining troop deployment - not the White House. He noted that Rice works in the White House, 'the place that used to have a sign that said 'the buck stops here.''
'For President Bush, it's always someone else's fault - denial, and blaming someone else,' Kerry declared. 'It is wrong for this administration to blame our military leaders, particularly when our military leaders gave him the advice that he didn't follow. The truth is, the responsibility lies with the commander in chief.'"
Dubya's political Waterloo: "Invading Iraq was a mistake, a classic FUBAR launched by a man who lied to the American people and now refuses to admit he screwed the pooch by sending Americans into a no-win war where more than a thousand men and women have died and may thousands more may come home in body bags before somebody in power finally admits they were wrong.
'Based on all the information we have today, I believe we were right to take action, and America is safer today with Saddam Hussein in prison,' Bush says.
That's a load of horseshit. Bush has made America far less safe by embarking on an invasion of a nation that had not attacked us and further igniting hatred towards the United States by those who are intent on destroying our American way of life.
America faces many more threats today because George W. Bush's brains are in his balls, because he swaggered like a drunken cowboy into Iraq when his focus should have been on the real threat in Afghanistan - Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network that has had time to rebuild while Bush sent Americans to die in a war based on lies.
Like the nation he invaded, Bush's Iraq policy is crumbling around him and the dumb bastard is too blinded by his own delusions of power to see that he is destroying the country he swore to serve.
Thanks to Bush, Americans have more enemies today than we had four years ago."
First-timer voters are key Nov. 2: "If the political parties and independent groups are correct, first-time voters will inundate polling places on Election Day. And they won't be just young people. Some will be new citizens. Some will be people who had previously sat out elections.
At least 10 percent of voters in this presidential election will be first-time voters, estimates Rebecca Vigil-Giron, New Mexico's secretary of state and president of the National Association of Secretaries of State. Secretaries of state generally run elections. "
Tiny Arcata says impeach Bush: "In a decision sure to resonate for at least a couple of miles, the Arcata city council has passed a resolution calling for President Bush to be impeached.
The tiny coastal hamlet took a vote of council members late Wednesday and passed the resolution three-to-none.
The council says Bush violated numerous international laws in waging war against Afghanistan and Iraq."
Moore Criticizes the U For Not Sponsoring His Visit: "Moore said he'd throw $100 into a pot every time he thinks Bush lies.
'I'm begging Mr. Bush to keep it to a half-dozen untruths or misstatements,' Moore said. "

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